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Makam Jayaprana located at Teluk Terima became a famous tragic love history legend in Bali.

Makam Jayaprana, a Famous Tragic Love History Legend in Bali

Makam Jayaprana located at Teluk Terima, a short distance down the road. According to Balinese legend, Jayaprana was an orphan who was raised by the ruler of Kalianget village. He married the lovely Nyoman Layonsari from the neighboring village of Banjar. However, the ruler himself became enamoured of Javaprana’s bride and schemed to kill Jayaprana to have her for himself. He dispatched Jayaprana with an army to contain a band of pirates who he said had arrived in northwestern Bali. On arrival at Teluk Terima the ruler’s minister Patih Sunggaling killed Jayaprana. When the ruler asked Layonsari to marry him, however, she chose to remain faithful to her husband and committed suicide. This story became a famous tragic love history legend in Bali.

The gravesite of Jayaprana has very beautiful sea view and many local people visiting it. The temple marking jayaprana’s grave is a long and steep climb but the views make the effort all worthwhile. The temple, which contains a glass case displaying statues of Jayaprana and Layonsari. It is peace and has a good view on the grave yard, Menjangan Island, event some mounts in East Java can be seen from this grave. Indeed in front of the grave is a beautiful peninsula.

The grave located some some 45 kilometers from Pulaki Temple , the area is considered to be part of West Bali National Park and take 4 hours driving through Jembrana Regency from Denpasar., Guiding You in Bali

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